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Animal breeding business-Live money

The well-known wisdom of financiers-invest in what you really like – is most applicable to investments in exotic Pets. Business on animals is not only pleasant, but also quite profitable.

She's a foreigner, she's an Intourist

Of our closest relatives, Capuchins, monkeys, and macaques are most often kept at home. And at the top of the popularity rating – dwarf monkeys. In the middle of the century before last, these hand-sized babies were very fashionable in the best houses in Paris. There they received a second name – marmosets. With a height of 10-15 cm, they weigh no more than 150 g, and live for 10-15 years. Gruntowych usually contain pairs, and they produce offspring. Pregnancy lasts 144-146 days, in the litter there are from two cubs. During the day, the animal eats a maximum of 20 g, the diet-baby food, fruit, sometimes chicken. Unlike most kindred of marmosets loving, do not like fights and even punish the bullies. The danger lies in their smallness. Once outside the cage, the monkey can escape into a window or vent. Initial investment – $ 800-200.

Piggy and company

Most buyers of exotics prefer animals with soft fur, which is so nice to stroke. For $ 100-150. you can purchase a chinchilla, a ferret or a cross between a St. Fredo (she honoric) for 150-300 dollars. "fat Laurie." All of them breed well in apartments and are quite unpretentious: like any small predators, they eat meat, porridge, vegetables and fruits without harm to their health. But breeders believe that until now, one of the most promising areas is breeding mini-piggies. They do not scratch, do not cause allergies, do not smell, do not require much trouble, are omnivorous. A pig can give birth to an average of five piglets twice a year. Initial investment – 200-1000 dollars.

My fish

An aquarium with piranhas or sharks is just a cauldron for financial gain. The only drawback is that toothpicks require serious initial investments. One aquarium will cost a couple of thousand dollars.

Contrary to popular belief, these fish are not so terrible. During trapping, transportation, or when hitting the glass, piranhas, for example, "faint" to the bottom. Sharks are seriously afraid of strangers, never attack an object that exceeds their size, and with proper nutrition, they easily get along with other marine fish.

Both piranhas and sharks eat normal live food for aquarium fish when they are young. Adults are fed fresh and frozen sea fish, squid, shrimp, and meat. But piranhas should never be overfed, this leads to infertility, especially if their living space is limited. Sexually Mature fish become in 15-18 months. Reproduction of piranhas contributes to the daily replacement of a fourth of the water with fresh, feeding live fish. Spawning can take place in the same aquarium where the fish grew up, but without neighbors. Eggs can be from one and a half to three thousand. The desired number of fry is transferred to a vessel with clean water of the same composition as in the spawning area.

Sharks are born from fertilized eggs - "purses of mermaids". In this natural container, they come to the new owner. For breeding, they also need a large aquarium, ideally – wide, with beveled or rounded corners. Only bottom sharks, adapted to breathe lying down, are not demanding to the size and shape of the home.
Just better and longer lives and reproduces in captivity for nurse sharks. Its advantage in size is a maximum of 50 centimeters.
Initial investment – 3500-7000 dollars.

Born to crawl

Unfortunately, the reptiles that would be most profitable to sell: iguanas, small crocodiles, caimans-almost do not reproduce at home. In any case – for non-professionals. But you can try. Initial investment: $ 500.

Breeders ' tips

Before you start a business, decide whether you are ready for it. Unlike most dogs and cats, rare animals are very picky about food, and they need a special climate. And the most experienced veterinarian may not recognize the disease of an exot. The choice of the animal depends on the space of the apartment, the type of food (not everyone can feed live mice to the predator) and, of course, personal sympathies. In the right scenario, the sale of the first two babies should pay for the purchase and maintenance of their parents. For a start, you can limit yourself to a female, the costs will be reduced by half, but one of the newborns will have to be given to the "dad" or reimbursed for the cost to partners. Joining the club also costs five thousand plus annual fees and paid participation in exhibitions. But its specialists will be able to provide the help that is so necessary at first. Then there will be net profit – the demand for the product still exceeds the supply.


According to Interpol, the global illegal animal market is estimated at $ 8-9 billion. per year. More only drug trafficking, the volume of underground trade in weapons is less. Experts of the Russian representative office of the International Fund for animal protection believe that our country may account for a third of the market, $ 2.7 billion. per year.


Experts advise to buy only proven animals born in captivity and having versprach. Wild ones are infected with parasites and just live less in a cage. The most reliable way is to contact a kennel or club with an order. If the breeder does not give the coordinates, it is better to refuse the purchase, this means that the previous owner gets rid of the animal or it is smuggled in.

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