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The choice of camera

Megapixels, zoom, and similar terms have been around for a long time, but not everyone knows what they are for. In order not to overpay for useless bells and whistles, you should know the device "digital" at least in General terms and understand what is really important, and what not to pay attention to.

In principle, a digital camera differs in that it has a light-sensitive matrix instead of a film.

Dot, dot, comma

Any photographer is interested in the quality of the picture. When working with a "digit", it is limited primarily by the resolution of the light-sensitive matrix (CCD or CCD), in other words, the number of square points that form the image-pixels. On ordinary film, their analogues are microscopic silver particles. No heavy-duty optics can compensate for point failure. To ensure that the photo is not grainy, the image is printed with a resolution of at least 300 dpi (pixels per inch). The 3.3 megapixel matrix makes it possible for the 10x15 cm format, 4.4 MPX - 15x21 cm size, 5 MPX-18x23 cm. on large photos, the dots will clearly appear.

Not in pixels.

Since the number of pixels is directly related to the quality of the photo, and this fact is understood by all consumers, manufacturers often act on the principle of "do not look for good": if the model has gained popularity, in six months or a year, a "remake" is released, which differs from its predecessor only in the volume of the matrix. But you need to know that in addition to the number of pixels for the quality of the image, its size is also important. The smaller the matrix, the smaller the area of each individual pixel, which means that less light falls on the point, as a result-if there is a lack of it, so-called noise appears in the image. The image looks dirty. Therefore, if the manufacturer tries to squeeze five megapixels into a matrix of the same size instead of three, it risks getting a camera that is unable to shoot in low light.


- Do not" fall for " the super-megapixel matrix. But also insufficient "pixelation" will not allow you to print a normal photo. A camera with a resolution of less than 1.5 megapixels makes sense to buy only if the photo is intended to be viewed only on a computer.
- Take a couple of shots," without leaving the counter", preferably in low light, evaluate their quality on the computer monitor, and better-print the picture.
- When preparing for shooting, finding and setting the desired mode should take a minimum of time and not cause discomfort.
- Choose the camera "by hand", bearing in mind that the metal case is stronger and more durable than the plastic one.

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