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How to save beautiful hair in winter

Muscovites can't wait to impress the world with the splendor of their hair. In an effort to be beautiful, we come up with new hairstyles and styling, and the result leaves much to be desired – over the winter, our hair has greatly weakened.

Advertising has taken care of national education. Everyone knows that the outer layer of the hair consists of scales that, with poor care, cease to adhere to the rod. Result: dull color, split ends, hair loss. Shampoo, even the best, is aggressive and is not a panacea, but an irritant. Neutralize it are designed to means "after washing". And they can also bring a lot of benefits to the hair – you just need to know what, when and how to use it.

First of all, any products must be thoroughly washed off. If the substance is not intended for styling, in any case, do not leave it on the hair for more than 5 minutes. And if we are not talking about some magical essential oil for baldness, do not allow it to contact the scalp.

The conditioner normalizes the humidity of washed hair in a few minutes, but do not associate it with hopes of increasing the volume.

Rinses provide a quick shallow action: wash off the remnants of shampoo, while covering the hair with a protective film – it will facilitate combing and styling. Sometimes silicones and polymers are added to the rinses, literally gluing the scales together. With the constant use of such additives, the hair can become sluggish, and they should be given a rest.

When using the balm, it is important to determine the type of hair. The wrong choice will spoil the hairstyle: for example, a product for colored or damaged hair, when applied to normal hair, will envelop the hairs and pull them down, destroying the volume. The balm penetrates under the keratin scales, filling voids, and aligns the surface of the hair, and acting on the bulb, also stimulates growth.

A therapeutic mask is a higher level of care. It restores the hair structure, nourishes dry and dries oily scalp. In the spring, it is useful to use masks with avocado, jojoba, burdock and castor oils. But you can apply them no more than once every 1-2 weeks.


Fundamental hair care is impossible without the use of therapeutic masks. However, it is not necessary to buy them in the store, you can do with improvised means. Most of all, hair likes cognac, honey, onions, egg yolk, castor oil and herbal decoctions.

A mixture of 1 tbsp castor oil with 1 tsp of vitamin d oil solution strengthens the hair well.to achieve the best result, you should make a mask for three days. You can RUB a mixture of one part brandy, four parts onion juice and six parts broth of burdock into your head.

With increased greasiness of the head and dandruff, an infusion of nettle will help to cope. To do this, you need 1 tbsp. of dry, crushed leaves to brew in 1 Cup. boil and let stand for an hour in a dark place, then strain. The product should be moistened with the hair roots and allowed to soak in.

To avoid baldness, always thoroughly wash off any masks and hair care products no later than 30 minutes.

A therapeutic mask is a higher level of care. It restores the hair structure, nourishes dry and dries oily scalp. In winter and spring, to avoid dryness and brittle hair, it is good to use masks with avocado, jojoba, burdock and castor oils. But you can apply them no more often than once every 1-2 weeks, and this should be done immediately after washing. Since the main advantage of the mask is that it simultaneously nourishes the skin and hair, before applying it, warm your head with warm water. Usually the mask is kept for about an hour (unless otherwise specified in the instructions), wearing a plastic cap and tying the head with a towel. Do not hold the mask for longer than the specified time, this may cause hair to become greasy.

Lazy or simply do not have enough free time, people are happy to resort to the means of "two/three in one". Let's make a reservation at once: for problem hair, this is not an option, and the rest of the abuse of some "shampoo and conditioner in one bottle" is not recommended. Such tools are positioned by the manufacturers themselves as a Hiking option. Constant use of them leads to the fact that dry hair quickly stick together, fat become over-dried. In the best case, the result of such a wash will be like after using a simple shampoo.

In the Arsenal of specialists, in addition to these tools, there are many more: creams, hot oils, foams, but their choice is quite individual and you should not use them without consulting your master.

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