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"Mountain" types of rock garden

One of the bright and attractive elements of any landscape design is the Alpine slides, which can be built with your own hands using stones of various shapes and sizes.

"Valley in the mountains" - building a landscape of a high-altitude plateau. To create such an artistic composition, you will need large blocks of stone and boulders that should be buried in the ground for about half. At the same time, natural paths can be imitated using randomly placed paths that are laid in different directions. Groups of shrubs are also planted haphazardly, selecting plants so that they are of different heights. As elements of the composition, most often, use cereals, Heather and other representatives of the flora. According to experts, very interesting and attractive against the background of boulders and stones will look like plants, solid carpet covering the soil and rubble.

The composition "rock cliff" looks great as an independent ensemble. To create such an Alpine slide, you need a fairly steep slope, as well as the overall size of stones and blocks, which will be decorated to represent the outputs of solid rock. All these blocks of stone are laid using dry masonry. Experts in this case advise you to seek help from professionals in this business, since the work is very time-consuming, because the stones are quite heavy, and requires special skills and artistic taste to create a complete composition. The rock cliff is decorated with vegetation, planting mountain pine and juniper on it, as well as various high-altitude plants, such as sagebrush, Sedum, plump, dwarf ferns and other representatives of the plant world.

Quite difficult to build and include in the landscape design is the Alpine hill – "mountain slope". This is a kind of model of one of the highest mountain peaks in the world – the Alps. The mountain slope is formed by erecting a mountain talus with dwarf pines planted on it. To create an artistic composition, you will need stone boulders and blocks, as well as a high and steep slope on which the stones are placed. The mountain slope is planted with creeping conifers, Heather, and Erica. While tall coniferous trees can significantly disrupt the overall composition of the Alpine slide. Not far from the pines, you can plant small groups of creeping, groundcover plants that resemble "Alpine lawns".

The choice of an artistic ensemble for creating an Alpine slide in a country house or on a small suburban area is yours. Experiment, fantasize, dream!

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