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Alpine slide on the garden plot

Let's consider some variants of rock gardens, which are mainly used as elements of a complete ensemble in a complex garden design.

One of the elements of the composition of the "mountain" type of rock garden is the "Alpine lawn". It is used to model the vegetation of a high-altitude landscape. The most difficult thing in this case when creating an Alpine slide is to create comfortable conditions for the life of high-altitude wild plants, such as Edelweiss, gentians, saxifrages, low-growing cereals and other representatives of the highlands. Under favorable conditions of cultural life, wild species tend to multiply intensively, which requires regular care and control to maintain the created plant ensemble and the relationship between its individual elements.
The gorge is an element of a complex General composition of landscape design. Hillsides are laid using the method of dry masonry with boulders and stones. The artistic composition of such an artificially created gorge will look more spectacular if its walls are lined with boulders that will have different sizes and heights. At the same time, the illumination of the territory improves, creating favorable conditions for planting various types of rock vegetation.

To build a "ravine in the forest", it is necessary to have a hollow of insignificant depth on a natural section of the garden territory. Large stones are planted on the walls of the hollow to strengthen the slopes. Vegetation is planted mainly of coniferous species that grow horizontally or shrubs, and also inhabit the soil with perennial plants that are resistant to a lack of light and tolerant of shading, such as Volzhanka and ferns. At the same time, you should observe an important rule of planting plants: do not plant them too thickly and often. A small spring located in the center will complement the original composition of the ravine.

If your suburban area is located in the zone of excessive moisture, then the Alpine slide on its territory turns into a small swamp. If you have a garden in a hilly area, such a design solution of the rock garden will be particularly appropriate and attractive. To form such a swamp on a waterlogged area, it is necessary to dig a small hole, the depth of which will not exceed 700 mm. in the absence of the necessary conditions for excessive moisture, they should be organized independently, create an artificial reservoir of medium size. Along the entire edge of the reservoir, you need to lay boulders of a rolled shape, immersing them in the ground almost completely. You can decorate the swamp with all sorts of snags. The reservoir itself can be populated with marsh plants, while moisture-loving forms should be planted along the perimeter of the reservoir.

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