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Novice tourists return from their first trip disappointed. During the may holidays, some Muscovites open the holiday season, while others are going to the still not very warm seas. But in the same week, you can relax and get acquainted with spring Europe.

The cheapest but tedious bus route starts directly from Moscow. On the one hand, it looks tempting. You get on a bus somewhere on Voykovskaya with your suitcase, and you get off at Montmartre. The ticket costs from 200 euros, including a week of travel in Europe. But this tour involves several night crossings and a long shake on the dusty Russian-Belarusian roads.

About 100 euros more expensive will cost a trip that begins on the border with Poland – for example, in Brest, as long as you have to get by train. And the most comfortable and expensive type of bus travel is the one that includes flights (from 500 euros).

Do not expect to study Berlin or Paris in 5-7 days. These trips often take several hours to get to know the European capital. This is why bus tours are mostly taken by schoolchildren, students, and a slowly growing number of curious pensioners.

Of course, such trips have their own difficulties. The same long journeys and numerous additional expenses. After all, the cost of the tour usually does not include Museum tickets and a visa, and the food only involves modest breakfasts in 2*motels.

Experts say that tourists traveling abroad for the first time try to see as many different countries and cities as possible for a small amount of money. Often these clients will, alas, be disappointed. Foreign beauty flashes like a kaleidoscope, and after a week, travelers can no longer remember where they were, what they saw. It is better to choose a specific route – the Romantic road of Germany, Prague and the surrounding castles, etc.

It is not at all tiresome and very interesting to visit the may holidays in the Northern capitals, which are connected by ferries plying the Baltic sea. This journey begins early in the morning in St. Petersburg, and at noon tourists walk along the Senate square in Helsinki. Then they Board a huge sea ferry with the bus, have fun all night in bars and discos, and the next day they find themselves visiting Carlson, who is known to live on one of the roofs of the old Stockholm quarter of Gamla Stan. This 4-day trip costs from 250 euros. The price increases to at least 400 euros if, after visiting Stockholm, you want to go to the famous Norwegian fjords or to Copenhagen, the home of Andersen.


In the bus, the travel Agency will most likely provide you with only boiling water, so take tea, coffee, and dry soups with you. Night crossings are not easy to withstand without an inflatable pillow and a light blanket. Not wrinkled clothing, light sweater, raincoat, comfortable shoes are relevant. You will need an audio player and videos (check the carrier with the operator). A week of watching "Gentlemen of fortune" on a bus monitor will drive anyone crazy. But the main thing – for the first time getting on the bus, come in advance, otherwise you may get unbearably uncomfortable places.

Keep in mind that toilets on buses only open in the most urgent cases – for example, for small children. At the same time, on any Western European highway, you can only make stops at an equipped site – for example, at a gas station, where there are always free toilets, as well as shops and cafes. When calculating out-of-pocket expenses, keep in mind that lunch in fast food costs 8-10 euros, dinner in a cafe – 20-40 euros.


When BUYING a TICKET, find out from the tour operator which bus you will take. It is safer if it is not rented from a third-party transport company (Belarusian or Polish). However, do not be afraid to get into a groove with the inscription "ritual" or prehistoric Icarus – for environmental reasons, they will not be allowed in Europe.

The "star RATING" of BUSES depends primarily on the distance between the seats (on four sides), the presence of air conditioning and a toilet. It is difficult to insure against broken seats and faulty ventilation, but you can always check with the tour operator the list of benefits of civilization – for example, electric sockets in the armrests.

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