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Wines of the Crimea - a journey with a glass

   No matter how good the beaches of Turkey and Spain are, the good old Crimea still has millions of loyal fans. This year, television has repeatedly frightened our fellow citizens with the "horrors" of the holiday season on the Peninsula. There were skaknuvshie prices, and hordes of NATO soldiers, and incredible rains with landslides. But now Crimea is warm, hospitable, Sunny, and homely. And of course, as always-an abundance of inexpensive and delicious (and if not overused, then very useful) local wine.

Experts say that winemaking in the Crimea was born in ancient times. However, the heyday of modern Crimean winemaking is associated with the name of Prince Golitsyn, who in 1894-97 built the largest underground plant in Russia for storing aged wines in Massandra. And now you can see perfectly preserved wine produced in the year of the execution of Emelyan Pugachev or the death of Alexander Pushkin in the Massandra wine library. According to one of the largest connoisseurs of Crimean wines, the famous evpatorian doctor Grigory Aluker, in the last century, local production experienced two difficult moments.

The first is connected with the eviction of Crimean Tatars from the Peninsula during the war, who were traditionally engaged in the cultivation of vines and passed the secrets of caring for it from generation to generation. The second was the result of an anti-alcohol perestroika decree, when priceless vineyards were cut down and storage facilities were destroyed in an administrative rush. Many who visited Crimea at the turn of the 1990s will remember that in those years on the Peninsula it was difficult to find except that the caustic type and the same taste " strong drink "Coniferous". In the last 15 years, local winemaking has been revived. Of course, many secrets are lost, instead of some famous brands, low-quality fakes are poured. Therefore, experts advise you to try real Crimean wine where it is born-under the hot black sea sun. And best of all-in specialized tasting rooms.Excursions lasting 1-3 hours and costing 20-30 UAH are offered this season in almost all resorts of the Peninsula. Among the tasting rooms most popular among tourists, of course, Massandra. Today, this Association includes 11 state farms of the southern and South-Eastern coast. Massandra's branded tasting rooms are located in Yalta, Massandra, Gurzuf, Alupka, Alushta, Sudak, Simferopol and other cities.

It is very popular among tourists to visit the production and cellars of the Yalta plant "Magarach", which traces its lineage to the vineyards of the Novorossiysk Governor-General Prince Vorontsov, founded in 1828. Specializes in dessert wines. At the tasting, tourists are offered to try dry and strong sherry, Almina Madeira, white dessert "Tauric Carnelian", port wine.

Connoisseurs of champagne can be recommended to go to the Museum of winemaking in the village of Novy Svet, not only to see the complex technology of preparing a festive drink, but also to learn a lot of legends related to the life of the Creator of the new World champagne, Prince Golitsyn. Fans of natural dry wines will be interested in tasting" on the spot " products of the factories "Inkerman" (Sevastopol) and "Fountain" (Bakhchisarai). Dionysus (Simferopol) is famous for its strong wines, dessert wines and cognacs-the Koktebel factory, the legendary Black doctor wine is produced at the Sunny valley factory, and good red and white sparkling wines are produced by the Zolotaya Balka plant in Sevastopol. And at each of these enterprises, tourists can make an interesting tour of the wine cellars, and then conduct a tasting according to all the laws of oenology, moving from light drinks to stronger ones, enjoying their color, aroma and taste.

Of course, no one will forbid you to conduct such tastings on your own, somewhere on the evening seashore under the sound of waves. But, in order not to overshadow the wonderful Crimean evening, you need to stock up on wine in a proven brand store.

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