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Tunisia is a country of ruined Carthage, red wine and thalassotherapy

The most popular Tunisian Souvenirs are: ceramics, hookahs, long light scarves, openwork bird cages, mint tea and, of course, carpets. It is believed that the best of them - from pure sheep's wool - are produced in Kairouan. Berber carpets are also popular among tourists - with a knotted pile and a simpler pattern.

French is the second most common language in Tunisia, after Arabic. In the last year or two, local hotels have had Russian-speaking staff. Many hotels accept Russian TV: channel One or RTR.

Taste is a wonderful country

This year, the showcases of travel agencies are full of tempting offers - you can fly for a week to the wonderful Mediterranean Tunisia for only 300-400 dollars. Indeed, tour operators this season "overdid it" with planning Charter flights to local resorts, as a result, you can relax there cheaper than in your native Anapa, not to mention Antalya.

First-time arrivals to Tunisia probably do not know that it is called "the most European country in North Africa". Meanwhile, the long-term French presence has had a beneficial effect on the country's tourism development. Hotels of level 4-5* are also comfortable here, as in Europe, the local red wine is no less tart and fragrant than in Bordeaux, and thalassotherapy procedures are no worse than anywhere on the Cote d'azur or in Brittany, but 3-4 times cheaper. At the same time, in summer, it is not at all comfortable in Africa - in June, it is usually not higher than +30C.


For those who value peace and privacy most of all, it's time to go to the resort island of Djerba with its unspoilt nature and pristine beaches. This is the same legendary land of the Lotophages that Odysseus ' companions once did not want to leave. It is not surprising that today's tourists also find it so difficult to return to everyday reality from here.


One of the most popular among our tourists Tunisian resorts - Hammamet-is located just 77 km from the capital of the state, which, by the way, is also called Tunisia. Here, among the thickets of Jasmine and orange groves, is the world-famous thalassotherapy center "Bio Azur", which attracts glamorous young ladies from all over the world with unique procedures based on local seaweed. The cost of a day of thalassotherapy starts from $ 80.
The list of "vacationers" who visited Hammamet at different times is no less impressive than the most luxurious local hotels - Flaubert, Maupassant, Oscar Wilde, Churchill, Francoise Sagan, and Sophie Lauren+in addition, Hammamet is the center of production of the famous Tunisian ceramics, so there are plenty of souvenir shops here.


Another famous Tunisian resort of Sousse is older than Carthage (by the way, its ruins are also located in Tunisia). It is usually visited by those who like active recreation and a fun night life. Children will love it here, who will be happy to climb the ancient fortress, splash in a large water Park or go on an excursion to the ostrich farm.
Among the "adult" trips in the first place in popularity is, of course, a two-day Safari in the Sahara. This entertainment costs about $ 100. tourists visit the majestic ruins of the ancient Roman amphitheater, underground dwellings of Berbers and unique "space" landscapes, against which the" Star wars " of George Lucas was filmed.

General menu

In recent years, more and more Tunisian hotels are starting to work on our favorite all-inclusive system. And although the round-the-clock Turkish "feast of gluttony" is still far away, progress is evident. However, in any hotel in the world, the food is somewhat similar, so it is better to go to seaside restaurants for real local delicacies. It serves traditional semolina "couscous", pancakes with tuna "Brik", vegetable soup with young lamb "schorba", meat stew "kamuniya", veal cutlets with spinach sauce "nokhiya" +for dessert, it is best to take the sweetest baklava with mint tea. And then sit down with a glass of local wine right at the edge of the sea and under the sound of the surf understand that Tunisia is a country that you will most likely want to return to next summer+

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