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Positive developments

 Fitness seems to be deliberately invented in order that in the spring you can quickly get yourself in shape and regain the strength spent on fighting the winter vicissitudes. It is pointless to argue about which variety is more useful: psychologists have long proved that the maximum benefit is brought by the occupation that is pleasant to its adherents themselves.

Fun together…

Group fitness, as the name implies, involves collective exercises. The coach monitors the correct performance and well-being of each student. In addition to the physical, this species has moral advantages. In a group, you are an equal among equals and at the same time try to keep up with others, plus you have the opportunity to communicate, which is so lacking in everyday life.

Group fitness involves a variety of approaches to training.

- CLASSICAL AEROBICS refers to traditional classes. This is a complex of dance movements performed to music. Develops endurance, burns weight, improves coordination, posture, figure, and improves mood.

- STRENGTH TRAINING is a set of exercises using dumbbells, expanders, simulators, aimed at the development of individual muscle groups.

Tell me, coach

For those who prefer an individual approach, personal training is ideal. The work of a personal specialist is to find the best solution for a particular client, based on their physical characteristics, health status, and even character. The advantage of such classes is obvious: the client chooses a convenient training schedule and can contact the coach at any moment, which makes the classes more effective.

Water all around

Aqua fitness gymnastics in water is becoming more and more popular, and for a reason: it unloads the joints, so it is good for the elderly, pregnant women and people with excess weight. Because of the water resistance, each movement requires a large expenditure of muscle energy and the risk of injury is lower, because it is difficult to turn your leg or fall when practicing in the water.
Especially water gymnastics is recommended for asthmatics and people with venous insufficiency. Water pressure keeps the vessels in good shape, preventing blood from stagnating. However, improving venous blood flow is an increased burden on the heart, so people with heart failure should consult a doctor.

The rules of the road

- Don't train to exhaustion. Exercise should be fun. With properly designed training programs, your health and performance should improve after a while.

- Don't practice until two hours after Breakfast or four hours after a heavy lunch. For food, take only 30-40 minutes after classes.

- Training should be completed two hours before bedtime.

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